Alright, friend. I've never been one for sugar coating, so here's where the rubber hits the road and you decide if you are going to DO THE DANG THING or not. If you want to meet your goals in this business, you absolutely HAVE to determine your WHY. 

When we establish why we are doing this, putting in the work, dealing with the learning curves, hearing the inevitable "no thanks" it KEEPS US GOING on the days we are ready to throw in the towel! And I can promise you, there WILL be days that you want to throw in the towel. But DON'T!

Anything worth having takes commitment, perseverance and discipline. Working your Plexus business is no different!

So here's my challenge to you..

Pour yourself a glass of wine (or tea, coffee, etc. -- whatever makes you happy!) and go somewhere still. Close your eyes and envision what you hope your life will look like in one year from now. And then five from now. And then ten. How is your Plexus business going to play a role in helping you get there? Who do you see standing with you? What desires of your heart have been met? Why are the things you envision + hope for so important to you? 

Ask yourself all of those questions, and then write down in just one sentence what your WHY is. It doesn't have to be earth shattering or crazy! It can be as simple as


"so I can give my children the childhood I never had"

"so my husband can retire and be home with our kiddos" 

"so I can put my daughter in ballet classes and join our local gym"

"so I can experience financial freedom, live debt free and give more"

or even, "so I can travel and experience different cultures".


 Whatever it is for you, OWN IT. Write it down in BIG letters and hang it somewhere you will see it every single day.