Oh hey, rockstar.

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It means you just made an INCREDIBLE, LIFE CHANGING decision to chase some big dreams, work really hard and change your life in big ways - and let me just tell you, I COULD NOT BE MORE PUMPED FOR YOU! 

I absolutely love this company. I believe in it. I believe in the products.. and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in YOU. Did you know I have been praying for you long before you ever joined this team? From day one in my Plexus business, I asked the Lord to bring me solid, passionate, driven women who I could learn from + pour into and women that He could bless immeasurably through the community, products and opportunity that Plexus offers. You are not here by accident, you are absolutely CRUCIAL for this team to function at its highest capacity and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that you trusted me enough to take the leap and say a big, scary "YES"! 

Do you know what I believe?

I believe that when we set goals and chase hard after them beautiful things happen. I believe you have what it takes to make it to the VERY TOP of this company. I believe we were created to exist in community. I believe you have certain gifts to offer that no one else can. I believe that if you let it, this career will take you places you never could have dreamt up or imagined when you first considered the biz.

Welcome to the TIME OF YOUR LIFE - I am SO glad that you are here!!