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The truth?

My work is ever-evolving. I am constantly growing, learning, correcting, exploring and creating. I’ve photographed hundreds of people, traveled to + worked in Canada, Africa, Haiti, Belize, Jamaica and all over the USA. I’ve hosted retreats in some of the most stunning places in the world. And in the midst of all of that, just a couple of things have remained the same.

My mission has always been to add value to others lives while making much of Christ + to serve my family well + to be myself, unapologetically.


And so here we are, friends.

Mallory Morgan is a name that has been with me since birth, and one that I’m proud to hold. It is only fitting that this new season brings a name that feels like home - because that’s where my work has finally brought me. Home with my baby + hubs, growing our family, and running a successful business from my phone. Life is crazy and messy and BEAUTIFUL, y’all.

welcome to the Mallory Morgan blog.

This is the space I share business tips, freebies, presets, life updates and all of the in-betweens!


All images by Bahareh Ritter of Ritter Collective

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