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I (admittedly) am a recovering workaholic.

I used to work myself to death (actually, I worked myself into a full blown nervous breakdown + YEARS of poor health, anxiety and depression). True Story. It became clear to me when I was healing that I couldn’t ever put that much energy into a job again without it doing more harm than good.

I needed sustainability, I needed residual income and I needed time freedom.

After I had my son, we knew a couple of things.

  1. I wanted to stay home and raise our babies

  2. We needed to be making more than just one income

    Knowing these two things was overwhelming because I didn’t know how we would ever make it work. How was I going to find a job that allowed me to make decent money AND stay home with Judah? It seemed impossible. So we waited, we prayed and we kept our hands and hearts open. About six months into motherhood, I found a health + wellness company whose products completely changed the game for me.

    Within a matter of a year..

    Addicted to Ativan —-> Completely weaned off of it

    On three antidepressants (yep, it’s true) —-> One anxiety medication

    Completely wonky labs + hormone control —-> PERFECT levels + balanced hormones

    100 pounds gained —-> 25 pounds lost

    Chronically fatigued —-> energized all day

    Daily join pain —-> pain free

    So obviously, this caught my attention.

    I knew what I was doing was working, and I needed to share it. So I did.. and the career I had been praying for was born. I learned the ins and outs of network marketing, how to succeed and how it didn’t have to be done in a slimy + salesy way to be effective and life giving.

    I teach our team (the bloom collective) to lead with service > sales , how to grow SUSTAINABLE businesses and how NOT to find yourself in hundreds of inboxes you were never invited into in the first place. We cultivate an environment for you to thrive + grow truly successful businesses, and we have a ton of fun while we’re at it!

    We lead with the business 80% of the time, because it gets us fired up to share this opportunity with other likeminded women - and we talk about our products the other 20% of the time, because they WORK.

We have women on our team who have reached the highest level of the company (making an average of 400,000+ annually.) We have ladies who just want to use it as an avenue for community + extra spending money, we have moms and wives who have retired their husbands, we’ve seen women pay off overwhelming amounts of debt, fund the building of orphanages, adopt babies, pay for ballet classes and college tuitions and more.

The list literally goes on and on. If this sounds like something that may be a great fit for you, reach out to us!

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  1. What company do you build your business through?

    We have chosen Plexus Worldwide to build our business through. Why? Because their compensation plan is the absolute best out there and their products work. Not only are the products consumable (which is important for sales!) but they are primarily plant based + focused on holistic health, which we can 100% get behind.

  2. How many hours do you work per week?

    This answer looks different for everyone, because everyone has different goals. Personally, I commit four hours a day, five days a week to growing my business.

  3. What exactly do you DO to make money?

    The larger your team becomes + the more people ordering products = the larger your paycheck // Plexus pays their ambassadors eleven different ways (which is unreal!) so there are tons of different ways to make money + increase your income AND there is unlimited income potential (amazing!). So to answer your question, you share this opportunity and these products and get paid for it. Pretty simple!

  4. How much does it cost to start?

    The answer to this always throws me for a loop because I came from the photography realm, where starting my business cost me $10k - and that was just skimming the surface of the equipment I needed to do well. You can start your business TODAY for $39.95. True Story.

  5. Is there anyone available to train me + teach me the ropes?

    Oh, girl. That’s our bread and butter! We have created an INCREDIBLE mentorship that covers everything from Instagram to the comp plan and everything in between, we meet as a group weekly, I do one on one coaching calls and your sponsor walks hand in hand with you. We are believers that team work makes the dream work & life is better when lived together.

  6. What is a realistic timeline for growth?

    One of the beautiful parts of this business is that everyone is able to take it at their own pace, in whatever speed best serves them. Some women hit the ground running and skyrocket to the top within a year or less - some women decide to commit an hour a day to their businesses and go much slower. We teach consistency, not speed.

  7. I’m not a fan of network marketing. People seem pushy + money hungry and sometimes I get messages from people I don’t know at ALL asking me to buy products. Is that what this is?

    Sigh. I think we’ve all been there! Unfortunately, many network marketers are taught to approach their businesses in this way and it leaves a really bad taste in the mouths of the rest of us. Yes, we are in the network marketing industry, but we teach you how to use attraction marketing in a way that eliminates the need to end up in inboxes you aren’t welcome in. Our approach is people focused, duplicatable and effective. I promise you I wouldn’t still be here otherwise! We focus a whole lot more on SERVICE to others rather than SELLING to others

  8. How do I start?

    It’s super easy to start! First, contact Mal HERE and she will get you going asap!

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