first year favorites for mom & baby

Let’s be real, the first year of a child’s life (especially when it is your first!) can be so very overwhelming. It is ALSO precious, priceless and joy-filled! I wanted to share just a few of the things that have made our first year and a half even BETTER, and some things that have totally contributed to making it as stress-free as possible. Having babies is expensive, y’all! So please don’t look at this list and think “I NEED IT ALL!”. This guide is simply full of suggestions! What’s your favorite go-to baby item?!

  1. Dockatot - we used this everyday for the first several months, and eventually graduated to the grand!

  2. Wildbird Sling - baby carrying is my favorite!

  3. Hatch Nightlite - we LOVE this thing! It is so much more than a nightlite, too!

  4. Little Unicorn Quilt - we have three and use them all regularly

  5. Pink Blush Delivery Robe - my favorite to nurse in

  6. Toms Baby Shoes- the only shoes that would stay on well!

  7. Pottery Barn Animal Rocker

  8. Special Jammies- I put mine on after long days of spit up and diaper changes, after a hot shower and some self care

  9. Joyome Day + Night Face Serum- Parts #1 + #2 of my CLEAN, three part skincare regimen

  10. Wearable Blanket- we had at least five of these guys!

  11. Changing Pad Covers

  12. Nose Frida- some people are grossed out, we were amazed.

  13. Warm Hat

  14. Windi- life.saver.

  15. Paci Medicine Dispenser

  16. Wash Clothes

  17. Gut Health Supplements- cannot recommend these enough for preventing PPD, getting healthy and balancing hormones after delivery

  18. Primally Pure Dry Shampoo- because DUH.

  19. Hakka Breast Pump- if you nurse at all, this is a MUST.

  20. Teething Toys

Images by Bahareh Ritter

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