When I first started this business I constantly heard buzz words like "potentials", "level ones" and "IPA". It can feel like people are speaking a different language when you first start working your business, but don't worry! You will get the hang of it SO SOON. Give yourself grace as you learn all there is to learn, and remember that it is going to take a little bit of time. 

IPA = Income Producing Activity

Y'all. You can't miss this, okay?!

This will be the back bone of your business. This will catapult you from one or two customers to building a full time income and beyond. THIS is your very. best. friend. if you have goals to hit silver, gold, ruby and BEYOND. I can promise you that you will not grow your team if you are not doing your IPA -- so I have tried to make it as simple as possible for you below so that you learn to LOVE doing your IPA and are able to see your business grow NOW! (I can hear those waves crashing in Maui already!).


Reach out to five new people every single day about the products, business or both. Below are a few examples of reach out messages that I have used + have worked for me.. remember to always change the wording a bit and add your own personal touch so that you are not coming off as in genuine! People can smell sales-y messages from a mile away so remember to approach your people in love, with intention and with THEM in mind! This is a  R E L A T I O N S H I P business!


1.) "Hi Courtney!  I would really love to talk to you about the possibility of joining Plexus as a side hustle (or potentially way more) -- I have prayed and prayed over my team, who I should be reaching out to and who would be phenomenal at this business + loving people well and your name has continually come up in my heart. I know how I felt about this type of thing just one year ago, but my thoughts have changed so much throughout the last twelve months - I'd love to share some of that with you if you'd be up for listening. What are your thoughts?"


2.) Hi Tobie! I know we’re facebook friends but I don’t know you all that well and I wanted to take a second to introduce myself – I’m Mallory! 🤗 I’m a mama + wife & I live in Amarillo.

I’m sure you’ve seen my posts about the “Pink Drink” and the plant based supplements I’m using..

I have thrown my antidepressant in the trash, lost weight, sleep deeper than I ever have and no longer struggle with lack of energy since getting on this stuff! My once (extremely embarrassing) stomach issues are completely gone, all because of getting my gut back to a healthy place! Legit best decision I have made for myself and my family in a VERY long time.

Maybe it would benefit you, too? Would you be willing to check out the scoop if I sent it over?


3.) Hey ______! I am super nervous to send you this, so I am just going to be really open & honest with why I am messaging you, sister! at this). With that said I have no doubt that you would do amazing things with plexus.

The products have absolutely changed my health & weight for the better, but I have fallen in love with this business and I want to surround myself with influential people just like you!

Questions I use often to end depending on their situation:
Have you ever thought about trying the products?
Have you ever thought about doing something from home?



Follow up with the people you have already started to talk to about Plexus! Maybe send them a testimony that speaks about something you know they can relate to, let them know you're running a deal or send a voice message letting them know they're been on your mind and you'd love to answer any questions they might have! And remember, always end your message with a question! This prompts them to engage in the conversation. 


Once you've signed a few people up and are beginning to see your team grow, you want to make sure you don't leave your people in the dust! Nothing says "I'm in it for ME" quite like pouring into your potentials and ghosting them as soon as they hand over a buck or two.

NO! We care about how our people are doing - so act like it, sister! 

If you want a fruitful, honest and successful business you need to be ready to check up on your team, answer their questions and make sure they feel loved and taken care of. Much of this business is about retention and making sure your team sticks around because they either 1. LOVE their products and feel taken care of by you or 2. Are being led WELL in their businesses and are learning by example how to work their own businesses well

How to Slay IPA