what do I do? 

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My job is one of my very favorite things in the world!

For YEARS I felt so lost in what I was supposed to be doing to use my degree, help support my family financially and feel like I was actually making a DIFFERENCE. I feel like I have done it ALL. It took a lot of trial + error to find what was right for me, but once I did the journey I took to get here became SO WORTH IT! 

I have worn the hat of wedding photographer, floral designer, photojournalist, director of a ministry, editor -- and something just always felt off. I found myself stalling out and feeling restless in each position I was in. 

So after giving birth to our first born, I sat down with God and we talked about what I really, really desired to do.

Here are the titles I wanted to own...


1. I wanted to be home with my baby! I wanted to be present, available and intentional in raising him myself. That meant playdates, snuggles before nap time, jumping in puddles on walks around the block and teaching him the things he needs to know so that he can love others and know the Lord deeply. This was not negotiable! 


2. I wanted something that would challenge, stretch and GROW me in positive ways. I did NOT want a toxic work environment! It was crucial that whatever I chose to do would help truly develop me as a person, provide a positive space for me to do my best work and provide opportunity to continually learn.


3. I wanted to be my own boss and for a six figure income to be within reach. I wanted to choose my own hours, decide where and when I would show up to and from work and give myself a raise in my own timeframe! 


4. I needed to be making a DIFFERENCE and pouring into PEOPLE! I have always loved people + walking with them through valleys and peaks and I needed to know that whatever I would be doing would be compatible with my heart's desire to serve others. 


5. I didn't want to be all alone! I had worked from home alone before and it was, well, lonely! I knew that in order for me to thrive I would need community + accountability and other likeminded women in my corner pushing me, encouraging me and holding me accountable. 


Did I really think there was a job that met all of these requirements? Honestly? Nope. But here I am, working my dream job and LOVING IT! I am working in the Health & Wellness industry, leading an AMAZING team full of women + men just like YOU and being a part of true, incredible change every single day. Sound like something you could dig? Cool!

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