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Listen up!

Our team is SERIOUS about goal setting. We are not here to waste time, scroll mindlessly through Facebook or do anything half way - right?

This page is a resource to help you with setting goals + achieving them  (& what to do when you don't). I am ALWAYS here to listen to you share your goals, work with you to put a plan in place to get things done, answer questions, cheerlead and CELEBRATE THE HECK OUT OF YOU whenever you meet small AND big goals.

HOWEVER - it is up to you to learn as much as you possibly can for yourself, work your buns off and do all the things it is going to require for you to MEET your goals. No one but YOU is responsible for your business. Own that and run with it, girlfriend! 


Using Monkey Math, sit down at the end of each month and 

1. Set + remember your longterm goal (Diamond in two years). 

2. Set + remember your 6 month goal (Ruby by September). 

3. Set your goal for the upcoming month (what do you need to accomplish each month to meet that 6 month goal?


Helpful resources: